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Healthy Air Devices

Healthy Air Devices Saint Petersburg

Do you want to provide better, healthier air for your household? Have you ever looked into utilizing a sanitization device to clean all of your indoor air and surfaces to remove pathogens? We here at Air and Water Disinfection proudly offer healthy air devices in Saint Petersburg and its surrounding areas. These devices have been laboratory tested and proven highly effective against eliminating viruses, bacteria, VOCs, mold, allergens, and odors. To learn more about these products, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW or CALL US DIRECTLY.

Provide Safe Indoor Areas For All!

Knowing that this product line of healthy air devices will help maintain healthy and hygienic spaces will give you peace of mind. They encompass the same technology that the astronauts use in the International Space Station to maintain an air-safe atmosphere. These fantastic machines come with a full one-year warranty and have a 5-speed fan that sends powerful hydroxyls out into the air and onto surfaces at 1200 ft. per second, eliminating 99.9% of pathogens. These fantastic systems are small enough to fit on a shelf or counter and can be scalable.

Eliminate Viruses On Surfaces And In The Air!

In these uncertain healthy times, it is crucial to have a product that will continuously keep the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch free of contaminants. If you have been trying to reduce your allergy symptoms or keep bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens out of the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch, this is the product line for you. The next step at cleaning your air and surfaces is to call CALL US DIRECTLY here at Air and Water Disinfection so we can answer your questions or simply CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to order these amazing healthy air devices in Saint Petersburg, FL, and have them shipped directly to your door.